2018 Endorsements are getting underway

We promise that this election cycle will WOW you ~ more women than ever before are running

WINPAC endorsed ELEVEN amazing women in 2016. 

This year, once again, Oregon fielded a team of outstanding pro-choice women to take their first run at serving in the Salem.  As we do, WINPAC made our endorsements early in the campaign season to boost these women, increase their name recognition and build their campaign resources.

We thank you, our remarkable supporters, for helping us propel nearly all of them to victory ~ click here for a brief election result summary.

Oregon still remains the only state with unfettered access to reproduction choices. We keep it that way by electing strong and effective women to state legislative office.  Please keep your eyes on these remarkable women – and let them know you are behind them by continuing your ever-so-critical support of WINPAC.

 In the Senate…



Tonia Moro, Senate District 3  Well-known in her district, she has been involved, engaged and energized about giving back to her community with a focus on land use, clean energy, transportation and mental health.  Tonia is a progressive woman who has impressed us with her enthusiasm, experience, guts and grace – a necessary combination to represent this diverse southern Oregon Senate District.



Kathleen Taylor, Senate District 21  We know Kathleen. WINPAC endorsed her two years ago when she sought election to the House. She won that race, and now she hopes to ll the Senate seat being vacated by WINPAC board member Diane Rosenbaum. Kathleen knows state finances and understands complicated budgets. She’s an active volunteer in her local schools, serving as a PTA President. We’re lucky she’s in this race.

 And, in the House…

Pam Marsh, House District 5  For over 20 years, Pam Marsh has run a rural resort outside of Ashland, and served on the Planning Commission and now on the Ashland City Council. She now works as the Executive Director of the Ashland Emergency Food Bank. She’s seen her community from many angles. She understands the financial stress of struggling families, the challenges of small business owners, and the devastating impacts of forest fires and drought on her community.  She is running to fill the seat of Peter Buckley.


Julie Fahey, House District 14  Julie Fahey is the Chair of the Lane County Democrats and Treasurer of the State Democratic Party. She’s ready to be a top-notch candidate. In her professional life, Julie consults with businesses and non-profits about workforce issues, skill needs, and productive employment cultures and environments. She has spent time on teacher retention issues as well. The female candidate in this race, she faces a primary opposition. This is an open seat being vacated by Choice Champion Val Hoyle.


 Teresa Alonso Leon, House District 22  Teresa Alonso Leon is the daughter of migrants who settled in the Woodburn community. She holds a master’s degree in public administration from Portland State University and currently serves on the Woodburn City Council. Professionally she works for the Higher Education Coordinating Council as the High School Equivalency and GED Administrator.  Her campaign’s focus is on access to healthcare and quality education. She is running for an open seat, being vacated by Democrat Betty Komp. She anticipates significant Republican opposition this election.


Sheri Malstrom, House District 27  Sheri Malstrom is a public health nurse who has been active with the Oregon Nurses Association, including advocating on public health issues in Salem. She understands political organizing as well as public health issues. As a single mom, after the early death of her husband, Sheri knows what a struggle it can be to make ends meet. She is running to address issues often overlooked and under-valued in public debate. She is running for an open seat in Beaverton.



Janeen Sollman, House District 30  Janeen Sollman gets it. She’s running for the seat being vacated by Joe Gallegos in Hillsboro, and we need to keep that vote with the Democrats. Working for nearly 30 years in the tech industry, she knows what makes her district tick. Currently, in her second term as a school board member in one of Oregon’s largest school districts, she understands what students need and what it costs to provide it. A mother of four, she’s no nonsense and will tell it straight in Salem. We need to help her protect this seat.



Karin Power, House District 41  As a Milwaukie City Councilor, Karin Power already knows the voters in House District 41. She has learned first- hand how progress in her community is heavily impacted by state-level funding and power. As an environmental attorney, she will be a tireless advocate for Oregon’s environmental heritage. As an expectant mother, she’s got a big stake in our state’s future. Karin is running to ll the shoes of Kathleen Taylor. We’re lucky to keep a woman serving this district.



Tawna Sanchez, House District 43  A Native American, Tawna SanchezTawna Sanchez
has spent her life focused on the needs of the Native American community and beyond. She grew up in this House District, and knows its neighborhoods and issues first-hand. Working for 19 years with the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA), she now serves as their Interim Executive Director. She has been a foster mother, a domestic violence advocate and an alcohol and drug counselor. Tawna is running for an open seat being vacated by Representative Lew Frederick.  WINPAC has jointly endorsed Tawna and her opponent.


Janelle Bynum, House District 51  Janelle is going all-in to replace Shemia Fagan as the Representative in this East Portland (and beyond) district. She has primary opposition, so this is a race she needs to win twice. She is a small business owner. She is a mother of four children. Already, she has worked tirelessly in the North Clackamas School District to assure funding for critical programs. She knows her community and what it takes get things done. Let’s send her to Salem to do the same for all of Oregon.


Gena_HeadshotGena Goodman-Campbell, House District 54  Gena is tackling incumbent Republican Knute Buehler in Bend. She’s ready for a tough race, and she will absolutely have one. She understands how to mediate and collaborate. As a Wilderness Coordinator for the Oregon Natural Desert Association, Gena understands intimately the demands facing central Oregon’s metropolitan center, as it recovers and grows out of the Great Recession. She’ll bring needed insight to our Legislature about Central Oregon. We need to get her there.