• 2016 WINPAC Candidate Election Results

    On the macro-level we may have little to cheer, but be assured that in legislative districts across the state, WINPAC was a critical partner to winning women this past week. Some were nail biters, and some were outright victories.  #WomenWin

    Please see below a brief breakdown on our WINPAC Women:

    SD 3: Tonia Moro conceded on November 9th, with a 535 vote margin to conclude her short, brave and impossibly intense campaign
    SD 21:  Kathleen Taylor won her election with upwards of 75% of the vote
    HD 5: Pam Marsh won her election with over 60% of the vote
    HD 14: Julie Fahey faced a less comfortable spread than we had earlier anticipated, but pulled out the win at 51% and about 2000 votes to spare.
    HD 22: Teresa Alonso Leon for House District 22 saw a 10% lead at the end, winning 54% and 9000 votes
    HD 27: Friends of Sheri Malstrom ran away with 97% of the vote at nearly 22,000 votes
    HD 30: Janeen Sollman for House District 30 held off 2 opponents to gain 52% of the vote, with about 15,000 votes
    HD 41: Karin Power for House District 41, our new mom, held off her Republican opponent with 71% of the vote
    HD 43: Tawna Sanchez for Oregon HD-43 wins the prize for the greatest percentage won at a whopping 98%, earning 30,322 votes.
    HD 51: Janelle Bynum battled it out until Wednesday afternoon, when at 50% she claimed the seat in HD 51, another 500 or so vote margin
    HD 54: Gena Goodman-Campbell is going to capture this seat next cycle, no doubt; she earned 47% of Bend’s vote, leaving just about 1650 votes on the table

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